Short Summary

Help us shape Hungary’s future, so that we can give the chance to underprivileged high school students to participate in our Spring Camp, which is aimed at preparing them to gain admission to higher education. 

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Our mission since 1970

The organization of ours, Studium Generale is a non-profit foundation in Central Europe, Hungary and consists of 141 young volunteers, who participate in the work of the organization without pay or compensation. We prepare annually 2000 underprivileged high school students for their Matura exam in the subjects of mathematics, history and economics.

Tuition takes place for graduate and pre-graduate high school students on Saturdays in the form of three- or four-hour long seminars from October to May. The course is also available online to those who live in the countryside and can’t afford to participate in the seminars in Budapest due to financial and/or other limitations.

Besides regular tuition, we also offer additional opportunities for students to enhance their knowledge and prepare for their exam. For example, on 4-5 occasions annually students have the opportunity to take a mock exam, and on the National Mock Exam Day mock exams are held in five different venues throughout the country, so students all over Hungary have the opportunity to test themselves in any given subject. One week prior to the Matura exam, an intensive final preparatory event is organized spanning three days to ensure students are fully prepared for their final exam.

How we prepare high school students in the most efficient way - Spring Camp

Besides the year-long seminars and the online course, every spring and summer we organize a week-long preparatory camp free of charge. 151 students taught by 49 teachers 44 hours long in 7 days, between 9th April and 16th April in 2017, this is our Spring Camp. 2 young volunteers teach in all of the 24 groups 5-7 students what makes the courses more personal and customized to certain needs of the kids. The preparatory course focuses on the repetition, systematization of the core material and the practice and learning of methodological knowledge. We also provide mock exams during the camp, so that our students can learn, how to take exams. On the other side, afternoon programs, evening activities, team-building games and various sports enhance the students’ mood and help them integrate and give them a break from a long and tiring day of studying. Due to the small age difference, students usually aren’t afraid to ask the tutors for help and tips in any subject.

The students

The main beneficiaries of the organization’s activity are high school students, who will take their Matura exam, find their future important, want to gain admission to higher education by performing during the finals better. Due to the fact that the preparatory courses, camps and programs are free of charge, these are accessible for underprivileged students helping them not lag behind their more privileged peers.

The course is open for everyone independently of financial or ethnical background.

The impact of our Spring Camp

Short-term goals

  • providing an intensive and free of charge course for underprivileged students to prepare them for their Matura exam
  • helping the learning process of our students, deepening their knowledge, giving them practical skills
  • giving a brighter future vision and career guidance
  • social integration and personality development by giving the chance to participate in our camp

Long-term goals 

  • improving the chances of underprivileged young adults to gain admission to higher education by helping them apply for state scholarship during their studies and graduate
  • increasing equality between the underprivileged and more privileged students
  • making the importance of civil activity in the field of education become popular
  • supporting families from deprived areas directly, helping the kids reach higher income levels and better living conditions in the future

Project plan 

Our project requires a lot of time to plan and organize every detail of the camp, so that we can reach our main goals. The main planning phase began in December 2016 and lasts approximately until the end of February 2017, when the whole project plan, marketing plan and the most important factors like accommodation and catering have to be organized. February is the month of the main marketing activities and of the application to the camp. During March the program plan and the educational materials have to be elaborated and all learning and sport supplies have to be bought.

The camp takes place between 9th April and 16th April.

Where our funds go

Organizing a camp, where daily education takes place among a lot of different kinds of team-building games and other programs, requires a high amount of capital. In the following you can see details of some of our main expenses.

  • Providing accommodation for one person for an entire week costs 50$, which means that we need 10.000$ for 200 campers.
  • One day of meals for a camper costs 5$, seven days of meals for 200 campers requires 7.000$.
  • To buy supplies for educational purposes and sports activities 10$ are needed for one camper, so we need 2.000$ for 200 ones.
  • Renting 24 classrooms during the week-long camp costs 1000$

Why we need donation. Why we need your help.

Due to the fact, that our organization is based on a non-profit foundation, donations and support through tenders play a vital role in sustaining our activity. The main goal, tuition, requires financial backing every year as the costs of hosting camps also require a large amount of capital. Our goal is to maintain our current status, thus give opportunity for high school students, particularly underprivileged ones, to participate in our programs, events and courses completely free of charge, and help them prepare for their Matura exam and gain admission to their chosen university.

What we can’t do without your help

The Spring Camp, scheduled to be held in April 2017, requires 20000$ to be organized, and we are currently 10000$ short of it. We ask you, if there is an opportunity, to support our organization, so that we can help shape Hungary’s future furthermore.
In case we will not be able to raise enough money, we will have to decrease the number of the participants, so we could give the chance to less kids to improve their knowledge.
It could also occur that we will not be able to organize the camp, then we will organize a smaller camp in summer by using the money raised so far and raising more money furthermore.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are not able to give us financial support, it does not mean, that you are not of great help to us. Share our message on different kinds of platforms, social media networks like Facebook or Twitter or send our campaign to your friends via e-mail, so that our mission can be heard by many people, who might be able to afford to donate. All kinds of support will help us get closer to our main goals!


We are highly thankful, if you can support us, that is why we also want to give you customized rewards that can remind you about what a great thing you have done. After your donation we will send you a diploma about what you have contributed to in a pdf document, which you can print out.