Who are we?

Studium Generale (SG) is a student organization that came to light in 1970, and which has been operating as the free and official Matura preparatory course of Corvinus University of Budapest since 2005. 

Why choose us?

Our organization - with its more than 46 years of experience - helps you see through the complex system of the two-level Matura examination, and due to the fact that the members are university students who have recently had to go through the same challenges, and whose ages barely exceed that of the applicants, are able to explicitly share all tips and hints that come in handy when it comes to preparing at home, exploiting free time to the fullest or even surmounting anxiety, and in case of a favorable result on the exams, they can prepare you for everything that is in store in higher education. The atmosphere of the lessons cannot be compared to the regular ones’, as it is tremendously friendly and joyful. The all-year-long motivation is maintained by the free summer and spring camps which are great ways to enhance the preparation apart from being an outstanding source of fun.

What and how do we teach?

The subjects offered are mathematics, history and economics. One can apply to a group (30-40 people) where they study only one of the said subjects every single Saturday, or instead to a group with the combination of mathematics and history or mathematics and economics.

The 11th graders are taught for 3 hours. It is worth participating, as the attendees are more likely to master the material and to achieve better results if the preparation begins 2 years prior to the exam.

Students in their 12th grade are taking part in 4-hour-long seminars in order to acquire the necessary knowledge and routine. Those who have already passed the Matura are also entitled to join the course.

There are several programs throughout the year, for instance, the mock Matura exams provide the students with an opportunity to measure their level and readiness, and also to overcome nervousness.

For those, who are not capable of being present at the lectures, there is an alternative e-learning option, where they are sent materials and tasks to practice on. Not only are the teachers correcting and returning the sheets, but also are serving as mentors throughout the year discussing all faults and suggesting ways to improve. This online feature intends to implement the most recent technological solutions, so that learning becomes exciting and utterly enjoyable.