Studium Generale’s goal is to – in accordance with the principles laid down by its parent organizations FEB and TM – facilitate high-school students’ admission into higher education, paying particular and extraordinary attention to those socially underprivileged. To ensure that, all services provided are free of charge and are available to anyone.

The three pillars upon which the core business is based are the following: traditional education, e-learning option and preparation in camps.

The building ‘C’ of Corvinus University of Budapest and the campus at Székesfehérvár serve as the venues for the conventional seminars. The participants are divided into small groups of 20-40 people, where they can be engaged in 3 different subjects (mathematics, history and economics) in the form of 4-hour-long lectures on each Saturday.

If these places should be unapproachable, there is an alternative e-learning option where the applicants are regularly given tests to complete and return.

The best performing and most active 10 percent (140-160 children) are invited to take part in one of our two annual camps held during the summer and spring breaks. Here, they are taught for 8 hours a day and also given the chance of writing a mock Matura exam. The camps’ intention besides providing the students with professional preparation and circumstances, is to motivate them (leisure activities, presenting university life) as it’s considered essential to achieve a decent result; and also to offer such an environment that initiates the integration into university life by establishing valuable connections and several platforms to maintain and deepen them.

Owing to the aforementioned pillars, Studium Generale is in connection with 1400-1600 students coming from approximately 110 towns every year making it a key player in the market of preparatory courses.


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