Every year, Studium Generale organizes a 7-day-long spring camp for the 12th graders, and a summer camp of the same length for the 11th graders. These events’ intention is to enrich the year-round education with a comprehensive and adequately structured revision that ensures proper performance and satisfactory results when the time comes.

During daytime, a student takes part in intensive and thorough lectures lasting 8 hours (6 in summer) in the company of 5-6 fellow campers. The moderate size of the groups facilitates the better understanding of the material and also allows the creation of highly personalized curriculum. Besides extending knowledge, one can establish valuable connections and befriend many other children coming from all walks of life.

Aside from the educational part, the participants can regain their energy and remove all tension in the entertaining, refreshing and diverse programs.

The instructors are current university students who are barely older than the instructed. The lack of generation gap makes it easier to get the material across and to find the same wavelength. The “teachers” can give an insight into university life, requirements, expectations and circumstances, thus helping students get used to all the awaiting challenges beforehand.

The camps - likewise all other services - are free of charge, nay, as well as the accommodation, meals are also included 3 times a day, thereby enabling and assisting the participation of underprivileged pupils who may not be able to finance such a course otherwise.

Spring camp

In this one-week-long event, approximately 150 students and 50 voluntary teachers are present. The most diligent and talented attendees of the regular seminars are chosen to participate.

They can choose between math, history and economics to learn in 2x4 hours a day. At the end of the week, there is a chance of writing a mock Matura exam that measures one’s level and knowledge. The more one gets out of their comfort zone and places themself under the pressure to perform, the better they will handle the same when they need to in a real situation. The leisure activities turn the week into a genuinely unforgettable experience. Throughout the afternoons, students can broaden their thinking by listening to intriguing and useful presentations about issues and phenomena that easily grab their attention and imagination. Moreover, each section prepares with its very own programs, dance moves and games. Healthy way of life is also promoted in the form of football and basketball matches, and aerobic lessons.

The efficiency of the camp is verified by the percent of participants admitted to Corvinus, which is around 80.

Summer camp

This type of camp is held amid July, where all students are welcome who are writing their Matura in the next year. The capacity of the camp allows to accept around a hundred students. Its purpose is to provide high quality education and to maintain persistent motivation, and furthermore to take the weight off the families’ shoulders by gifting their children a memorable week. The lectures’ duration is 2x3 hours daily, and of course, there is a possibility of getting involved in numerous free time programs when not in the classroom.