Studium Generale (SG) is the member organization of the Admission Preparatory Committee (FEB) and of its legal successor, Movement for the Talented (TM).

Back in the 60s, the committee dealing with the preparation of students for their Matura exam (FEB) conducted a survey which revealed an ominous trend: the ratio of the blue-collar workers’ children participating in higher education keeps on diminishingIn order to impede said unpleasant changes, a cooperation was brought about amongst the students and professors of Hungarian universities. All the social work and effort invested is voluntary and uncompensated.

As part of the Movement for the Talented (TM), Studium Generale intends to preserve and strengthen the virtues and values established by the FEB. Even though SG is located at Corvinus University of Budapest, it operates nationwide. Its main purpose is to provide free opportunities to learn in the form of seminars and camps thus facilitating the admission to the desired institution for those, who, stemming from being socially disadvantaged are not capable of handing out fortunes for alternative preparatory courses. Not only is the organization’s goal to reduce, nay, eliminate inequalities, but also to increase the number of would-be intellectuals in the Hungarian society.